Year 4






Term: Autumn (1), Autumn (2), Spring (1), Spring (2), Summer (1), Summer (2)


Class 2



Children will learn about;


In Literacy this term, the children will be learning to write a range of different writing styles. First, we will be writing Explanation Texts linked to our work in Science all about the human body. The children will also be writing biographies about inspirational people.


Finally, the children will be learning how to write persuasive texts, which will be linked to our Enterprise project.


The term will start with multiplication and division. In Year 3, we will be trying to learn our 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s and 8 times tables and in Year 4, we will be covering all of the times tables. The children will all be taking part in an ‘Ice Cream Challenge’ based on the speed and accuracy of their times tables knowledge.


We will also be consolidating our place value knowledge and using our addition and subtraction skills in a context of money whilst doing our Enterprise project.


Throughout this term, our topic will be ‘Reach for the Stars’. In this topic, children will learn all about the human body and the systems it needs to survive. We will be looking closely at the importance of nutrients, the digestive system and teeth.  


In I.C.T, the children will use a range of sources to find relevant information and present their findings using tools such as PowerPoint. Children will also have the opportunity to learn about Coding.

Design & Technology

The children will get the opportunity to design and bake a Christmas biscuit as part of our Enterprise project. The children will have to follow a specific design brief and budget. They will have to work together to ensure they measure ingredients accurately & follow instructions closely.



We will be learning all about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Children will learn how Hindus and worship and celebrate this festival. They will learn about Rama & Sita, make lanterns, diva lamps and some traditional sweets.

History / Geography

Children will be learning about important inspirational people through different time periods.


The children will be swimming for the first 3 weeks of term. With the school coach, they will be learning all about different invasion games and improving in their skills when playing these games. They will also be learning key skills in Gymnastics.


In Art, the children will create a diva lamp with clay, create beautiful Rangoli patterns and the importance of using bold colours for posters linked to our persuasive writing.


Children will be working on a range of skills with Mrs Ellis including learning about inspirational musicians. They will also be collaborating to create a musical number to perform at our Christmas show.