Year 2



Information for Parents


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)



Children will learn about;




The children will have the opportunity to develop their story telling and writing skills using the film “Lost and Found” as a stimulus. We will also be reading the story “Stick man,”   and  “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.”




In Maths we shall be using and applying our subtraction skills to solve problems using money.  We will be exploring fractions using snowflakes.  We shall be working on multiplication and measuring skills.




The children will be investigating how temperature changes different materials.  We shall also be learning about the weather in different places and building on our knowledge of animals and their habitats.




We will be imputing instructions into software to make changes happen. The children will have the opportunity to design an animal for an arctic environment. We will also be using the iPads to research information about the arctic.

Design & Technology/Art


In DT we will be cooking, using recipes linked to the changing materials focus in science.

In art we will be selecting materials to decorate our Christmas cards and we will be continuing to explore colour mixing.




In RE, we will be exploring the concept of life journeys within Islam and linked to the Christian celebration of Christmas.

In PSHE we will be exploring where money comes from and how to save for something special.




In history we will be learning about Guy Fawkes and famous explorers such as Neil Armstrong. Christopher Columbus and  Captain Scott.

In geography we will be looking at the Arctic and Antarctic and naming the oceans surrounding them. The children will be learning about the different geographical features of the Arctic and Antarctic.




We will continue our PE topic of Dance. We will be exploring different movements, and we will begin to sequence movements to make a pattern ready for the Christmas play.




In music the children will be exploring different sounds and creating their own compositions and scores. We shall also be learning songs and working on our performing skills for the Christmas play.