Please click on one of the year groups to see what the children will be learning in each class for this term. We intend to provide a broad, balanced curriculum by offering a wide variety of opportunities which will allow our children to grow, flourish and progress ready for the world ahead of them.


We pride ourselves in offering the children a curriculum which is wide and varied. We strive for excellence in our teaching and learning opportunities but we also encourage enjoyment as we believe happy, stimulated children will learn more.

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 The Curriculum


Teaching and Learning Approaches

We know that children learn in different ways, just as adults do. For this reason, teachers plan different teaching and learning approaches depending on the aim of the lesson. Children are usually grouped within their class according to their levels of understanding, thus allowing the children to move forward at a pace which is appropriate for them.


Children may be taught as a whole class for PE,RE and Music.  The teacher may introduce a new idea or concept to the whole class and then instruct the children to work individually on a task. The children may also at times work as a group, collectively organising thoughts and ideas to reach one outcome. Throughout your child’s schooling, these various teaching methods will be used. Each has its place in a balanced and well-developed curriculum.


Our Curriculum Provision

In providing for your children we are guided by the requirements of the National Curriculum and the requirements of Lincolnshire County Council.


We provide a broad and balanced curriculum allowing for the individual needs of each child to be met within well planned learning experiences.


Areas of Learning include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computing
  • Religious Education
  • Geography
  • History
  • Design and Technology
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship(PSHE&C)
  • Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum planning involves all teaching and support staff to ensure there is progression and continuity in learning.

Phonics is taught using Jolly Phonics and The Big Cat range along with other schemes. Children are taught in mixed aged groups according to the phase they are in and this is reviewed regularly. These phonic skills are used for spelling and reading development. The Year 1 children take the National phonics screen in June. All children use a variety of scheme books for reading as well as undertaking comprehension tasks.


Curriculum Delivery

There are two main ways in which we deliver the curriculum

  • The subject approach
  • The cross-curricular approach

The subject approach is when children are taught the skills and knowledge of the subject.


The cross-curricular  approach teaches a number of subjects through a theme or topic. For example a History topic on the Tudors may include various types of writing(English), collage (Art), Music, Dance and Drama. This approach allows the children to apply the skills and concepts gained from subject teaching.


Both approaches allow for active learning opportunities through the use of practical experiences.


Physical Education at Waddingham Primary School.

At Waddingham Primary School we have always endeavoured to provide physical activity during the school day as well as further extra curricular activities. We find that Physical Education develops pupils’ confidence, social skills as well as their gross motor skills and allows the children to use these skills through a range of activities.


The school currently provides a minimum of 2 hours of PE every week which is boosted by the free extra curricular activities that we offer across the school. We have a hall, a playground with court and a large field which allow the staff to provide a range of indoor and outdoor sports. Opportunities include hockey, volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, rounders, athletics, dogdgeball, benchball, tag rugby to name but a few. Swimming is provided in the Autumn term for all Key Stage 2 children. Staff wear sports kit during all sporting events as we feel this demonstrates a positive ethos to the children on how they should take pride in their PE kit.


The children at Waddingham enjoy taking part in whole school sporting events based around their house teams. They take part in the Pro Kick challenge and the Skip for life challenge. They also enjoy mini Olympic days and Multi sports days. Parents and children from our local secondary school come and help us with these days. Another popular sporting event is our Family rounders afternoon. Residential visits also allow the children to take in other sporting events like cycling, golf, ten pin bowling and walking.

Partnership work

Funds are used to employ a sports coach from Scunthorpe United football club who teaches a range of multi- skill activities to the children throughout the year. In addition we belong to the Baysgarth Sports Partnership which consists of Secondary and Primary schools. We meet and share good practice, attend trainings, use coaches from local sports clubs and plan inter school competitions.

Our equipment is up to date and regulated each term. Funding is also used to buy new stock to extend our provision across the school.