Admissions and Transfer Procedures


Pupils are admitted to school in accordance with Lincolnshire LEA Admissions Policy. A copy of the school’s Admission Policy together with an Admissions Form can be obtained from the school office. Procedures for mid-year admissions have changed and should be conducted with Lincolnshire County Council directly. If you have any concerns please contact the school and we will assist you with the procedure.


We have an annual entry so children who are four years old before August 31st may join our school in the following month, September.  There is no compulsion for your child to start school at four if you feel he/she is not ready. Our current pupil admission number is 15.


There is an Induction Programme in place for Reception children which include a number of events and activities to help them settle into Waddingham Primary School with confidence. The programme is as follows:

  • Intake Day Visit- Parents and children are invited into school to meet the teachers in their new classroom and become familiar with the school layout and routines.
  • Teddy Bears Picnic- The children are invited to spend a morning with the present Reception children and then have lunch in the outside play area with their teddy bears.
  • Sponsored Bike Ride- Parent and children again join with the present Reception children and parents for a social event on the playground. 
  • Morning Visits- After the intake day visits a further two sessions are arranged for the new children to attend school with or without their parents, work with the present Reception children and stay for lunch with the rest of the school.
  • Liaison visits- Teaching staff will visit your child at their nursery setting to discuss planning and curriculum needs with the staff and to work alongside your child in a setting they are familiar with.

For further details re admissions please visit


At eleven years of age the children transfer to the secondary schools. A booklet giving information about the secondary transfer is provided to parents in their final junior year.  At present, the majority of our children transfer to Huntcliff School but some also choose De Aston, Sir John Nelthorpe or the High School. We believe that links between primary and secondary education are important and so we work in partnership with all our local secondary schools.

  • In Year 5 and 6 the children have the opportunity to experience enrichment days at the secondary schools
  • In the Autumn Term Year 6 children and parents are invited to tour all of the secondary schools and meet the staff.
  • Head Teacher meets with the secondary school staff to ensure liaison is maintained and general education matters are discussed.
  • Formal transfer arrangements begin during the Summer Term.




School Transport


School transport is provided for children who live in the surrounding villages.  Please enquire at the school office about the procedure for applying for a bus pass.  For parents who live in Snitterby, there is a bus service provided by Johnson Coaches.  The times of the buses will be given to you on your visit.  For parents who live in Redbourne, there is a taxi provided to bring your children to the school.  The children are met at school by Mrs Page and supervised by her in the playground or in the hall during bad weather.


  The School Day


Morning Session begins   9.00am
Collective Worship   10.10am
Play time  10.25am
Morning session continues 10.40am
Lunch Break for Infants  12.00-1.10pm
Lunch Break for Juniors 12.10-1.10pm
Afternoon Session begins  1.10pm
Play time 2.15pm
Afternoon Session continues 2.30pm
School ends  3.30pm


Hours spent on teaching in a normal week are 22.05 for the Infants and 23.40 for the Juniors. This excludes Collective Worship, registration and break times. Junior children have afternoon break on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

Children will be supervised in the playground from 8.15am


School Attendance


Regular attendance is essential for success at school.

Please let the school know if your child is absent through illness. This may be done by telephone on the first day of absence or alternatively inform us in writing as soon as your child returns to school.


In the interest of your child’s education, please try to keep other absences to a minimum. Please inform the school in writing.


The academic year for pupils consists of 190 working days and we strongly discourage parents from withdrawing children for holidays during term time. If however you require your child to be withdrawn the correct holiday form should be obtained from the school office requesting permission. If the period of holiday exceeds two weeks in any one school year, then the absence will be recorded as unauthorised. The Education Welfare Officer is responsible for monitoring all school absences which may be followed up with a home visit.


100% Attendance Certificates are awarded from the Local Education Authority at the end of the school year. These are highly prized by the children and help them see the value of regular school attendance.


Total number of pupils on roll: 73