Information for Parents

Class 3




Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)


The Green Planet



Children will learn about;





This term they will be looking at the importance of climate change and how this impacts on our planet. They will be taking part in debates and writing reports on conservation projects. The children will be creating news reports on flash floods and other extreme cases of weather in the local environment.





This term we will be consolidating all 4 operations and linking this to problem and reasoning problems. Children will also focus on the use of place value to strengthen their knowledge in fractions and decimals. We will also be looking at statistics that will be linked to our theme this term.





We will be looking at the structure of a plant and flower and the reproductive system in both of these. We will also be studying our bodies and looking at the circulatory system.



The children will be creating their news reports by using  preferred software programme in IT. They will be creating and evaluating their own reports.

Design & Technology


After studying climate change they will focus on designing a wind turbine using a motor to harness the power to light an LED light. They will need to plan, design and evaluate their product.  



We will be looking at the ‘Natre’ and how religion can be expressed through the arts.




The children will be studying how global warming has an impact over the years and what may happen in the future. We will be looking at how the polar ice caps are melting leading to a rise in sea levels. We will also follow how the polar bears and other animals are struggling to keep their habitats.





We will be preparing for Sports Day and practising many races such as: Egg and spoon, running and obstacle races.




This term, we are studying the artist ‘Andy Goldworthy’ who creates 3D sculptures by using natural resources. The children will be collecting resources from around their local environment.



The children will be building on their skills and knowledge of how they have formed an ensemble. They will evaluate and appraise others’ work.