Year 3



Class 2


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)


Out of Africa



Children will learn about;





In literacy, we are focusing on the ‘The Lion King’ film where they will be creating a trailer clip and voice over for a new scene. They will also create and write a new character into their very own scene. Directors at the ready! Children will also be practising their spellings and completing SPaG activities weekly.





We will be continuing our work on all four operations. We will be working on statistics with charts and graphs linked to our theme on ‘Africa’, where they will take the role of a Safari keeper and plan out new fencing and pens for the lions, tigers and rhinos in the new wildlife reserve.





Children will be learning about the different food chains and how the animals are able to survive in the African plains. They will be studying the different types of habitats and how the animals learn to adapt to their surroundings.




Children will be creating their new storyboard for ‘Lion King’ using the appropriate software in IT. They will be learning how to use the movie maker and add voices to images.

Design & Technology


We will be looking at the different designs of African masks and choosing our very own individual design to create our own African mask.



Children will be learning about the origins of Christianity and look at the role that Britain has had in spreading Christian values across the world.




We will be looking at where Africa is in the world and studying the physical features that it has to offer. Along with this the children will be food tasting and looking at how food is imported and exported.




We will be practising for our Sports Day with activities such as: egg and spoon, running and obstacle races.




Children will be focusing on African art and be looking at sunsets using tone and texture. They will be creating their very own Batik design.



This term, the children will be learning how to play a ukulele and linking it to African songs.