Year 1






Information for Parents


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)


        Dungeons and Dragons      Year 1 and 2  



Children will learn about;




In literacy the children will be reading stories set in a castle, such as Cinderella and they will use this to deconstruct story structures. This will support the children to write their own stories set within a castle.  For our visual literacy we shall be using “ Chitty Chitty Bang Bang“ as a stimulus.




We shall be consolidating our measuring skills. We will be measuring in litres and millilitres to pour drinks for a medieval banquet and using our weighing skills to create some medieval food. The children will be adding up  scores from their target practise, then comparing and ordering them.




In Science the children will be exploring different materials and their properties. We shall investigate the materials used to build castles in medieval times. The children will also have chance to develop their own rose petal perfume.




The children will continue to develop their coding skills to move a knight around a castle. They will also have the opportunity to create their own castle themed imotion.

Design & Technology/Art


The children will be using their skills to design and make their own  crowns, shields and swords. The children will also design and create their own crests using printing skills. We will be making bread using medieval recipes. We shall also be investigating how drawbridge levers work.




In RE the children will be exploring life within the Jewish community. We will be exploring artefacts and looking at similarities and differences between Jewish and Christian religious stories.

In PSHE, the children will be exploring feelings and right and wrong behaviours. We will also be learning about hygiene problems in the medieval times!




We will be learning about every day castle life including clothes and foods and about the layout and features of a castle.  We shall be looking at medieval artefacts and using our imagination to work out how they were used.

We shall be locating famous castles on maps and comparing natural features to  man-made features.




In PE we shall be participating in team games and exploring tactics. We shall also be developing our aiming and throwing skills linked with our learning about archery and jousting. The children will also have the chance to compete in the Knight of Waddingham’s Challenge!




The children will be listening and responding to some medieval music. The children will also be investigating how to change sounds on instruments and learning about some instruments which were around in medieval times.