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2018 results

Congratulations to all the children in Year 6 for their results

Maths 86%

Writing 86%

Reading 93%

SPAG 100%

You can find out our standard results for 2017 by clicking on the following


2017 results

50% of pupils achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths

20% achieved a high level in Reading and 30% in Grammar and 10% a high level in maths.

Average scaled score for reading 104 and maths 103

Progress scores for reading were -0.9, writing -3.3 and maths -1.6

Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium Strategy 2016/17 please click here

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017/18 please click here

Previous Pupil Premium information

 Over the past few years we have used Pupil premium money on numeracy and Literacy resources and on employing our Specialist teacher.

Pupil Premium Spend 2016-17

For 2016/17 financial year we expect to receive about £ 19,740 in Pupil Premium funding.

Last year we carried forward £4602 so in total we expect to have about £24342       available. It has been agreed by the Governing Body and the Head Teacher that the money will be spent as follows.

One to One and small group tuition for identified children with individual needs to close the gap between PP ( especially FSM) and non PP. £9,000

Precision teaching for reading and spelling to develop spelling patterns £2,612

Access to the Education Social Worker 2 days a week to support social needs of pupils and parents and liaise with outside agencies. They will also look at closing the gap on specific curriculum areas and use play therapy to develop confidence and self esteem and any counselling requirements. £10,615

Access to STAPS for SEN PP pupils with 3 hours of support and assessment £300

Provide resources to support learning opportunities across the curriculum particularly for spelling, grammar and mastery numeracy for PP to ensure they keep up with non PP £600

Lincolnshire Music Services to boost self confidence, offer equal opportunities and curriculum enhancement to those PP who feel they are unable to access £326

Curriculum enrichment to broaden experiences of all pupils to excite and engage such as theatre visit, residential support to ensure no one is disadvantaged. £889

In 2014-15 we used £8000 to continue the employment of the Specialist teacher, Mrs Taylor, to work with children with social and emotional issues. We have seen these children grow in confidence, feel more secure in the school environment and develop their behaviour appropriately so their attitude to work has improved. The Specialist teacher has also developed her role from social needs to more academic needs and this will be built on throughout 2015-16.

£1000 was used to support the residential visit to ensure all children received equal opportunities and experiences as well as other enrichment opportunities to ensure social and care skills were addressed and developed.

£2000 was used to increase TA hours with children who were identified to have specific learning areas of need. Booster groups, nurture groups and support groups were further developed with our Specialist teacher.

£1000 was used to extend spelling and grammar resources and practical numeracy resources.

Pupil premium children's progress was inline with the other children in reading, above the other children in numeracy but below in their writing. All year 6 pupil premium children achieved level 4 or above in numeracy, reading and writing

 Pupil Premium spend for 2015-16 continued to pay £14,000 for the Education Social Worker and Specialist teacher Mrs Taylor. Some pupil premium, £1050,  was used to help some of the targeted children access music services and educational visits as well as TA support, £10,000 and new resources, £1587.

 Although our Year 6 Pupil Premium child did not make the age related expectation in Reading, Writing or Maths, her scaled progress score in RWM combined was 7.6 compared to 0.4 for non pupil premium.


Sports Funding

In 2017/18 85% of Year 6 pupils met the expectation to swim 25m.

Please click here for details of 2017/18 spend

 2016/17 we will use the sports partnership money to pay for after school sports coaches on top of the coaching in school time at a cost of £7000. There will be more interschool sports events costing £1000 and transport costs will be estimated at about £700. One day special events will also be planned at a cost of £300 per day. We have staff training on Gymnastics planned for January at a cost of £500 as this is an area where the staff feel they wish to develop skills to further the children's development.