Information for Parents

Class 3


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)


How did the ancient Greeks’ influences shape the western world as we know it today?



Children will learn about;





The children will be studying an ancient Greek myth called ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’. They will be making comparisons between the film ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ and the text. This will lead them into producing their own version of a Greek myth to help develop their creative writing. Each week there will be a particular focus on one or more of the elements from SPaG.





They will be working on place value and manipulating larger numbers up to the value of ten million. We will also be interpreting negative numbers in context and counting forwards and backwards with positive and negative whole numbers through to zero. Beware parents they will be delving into the use of overdrafts and how debit and credit cards work!





This term they will be focusing on the properties and changes of materials, dissolving, separating + sieving. They will be looking at solutes and how different solutions can be made and observing the chemical changes that take place. They will be developing their skills of working scientifically and most importantly how to record their observations.



The children will be developing their use of presentation software. Through the use of Ipads to create sway presentations and develop their storytelling skills.

Design & Technology


Children will construct their own bows and arrows. This will be completed in a number of ways: modelling the different stages of the process to the class, giving them a completed bow and the necessary tools to enable them to discover the process independently. Then it will be competition time to evaluate their own individual designs.



Being Human – Hinduism/ Islam. The children will be finding out

the ways in which beliefs impact upon our actions and everyday life.




The children will be finding out the most important achievements of the ancient Greeks and why they have an impact in our lives today. They will also be studying their civilisation and how they lived. They will examine primary and secondary sources to answer their different lines of enquiry.




Every Wednesday am we will be swimming at the Brigg Leisure Centre so the children will need their swimming costume and towel. On a Tuesday there will be a sports coach so the children will need their P.E kit on this day.




Children will be creating their own Trireme using different shading techniques with a pencil. They will also study the Greek classical architecture structures of the time period.



Children will be taught by the music teacher on a Tuesday pm where they will learn about tempo, pitch and timbre.