Year 6

Information for Parents


Waddingham Primary School

As scientists we will explore:

Different types of forces and how they are linked.

What friction is and how it affects moving objects.

How friction can be helpful in everyday life.

How Sir Isaac Newton is linked to gravity.

The role of air resistance in the development of aircraft.

The role of water resistance in the development of boats.

As mathematicians we will:

Continue to develop our problem solving and investigation skills.

Continue to develop our knowledge of the 4 rules of number.

Learn how to answer questions involving ratio and proportion,

co-ordinates, position and direction.

As writers we will explore:

Writing to persuade (who is the better scientist; Einstein or Newton?)

Learn and apply the spelling rules for apostrophes for possession, words with ‘ei / ie’, words ending ibly/ ably.

Learn how to build word families from root words.

As readers we will:

Investigate the work of

Clare Funge (War Monkey)

Learn how to refer to the text to support our opinions and predictions.

Continue to develop our inference and deductive skills through comprehension activities.

As citizens we will :

Learn how the beliefs of Jews impact upon their lifestyle.

Consider how we can be global citizens and be aware of how our actions impact upon others.


In PE we will :

Develop our team games skills.

Develop and refine our table tennis skills

As talkers we;

Will be prepared to discuss and debate issues and listen to the opinions of others.


As thinkers we will:

Use a range of techniques to gather, process and evaluate information in our science investigations.

Appreciate how learning can happen from making mistakes.

As designers we will :

Design, build and test a land yacht using our knowledge of forces.