Information for Parents

Class 3


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)





Children will learn about;





In literacy, we are going to be studying ‘Anglo – Saxon Boy’ by Tony Bradman. We will also look at the ‘Beowulf’ an Anglo-Saxon poem. Children will write their own Saxon legend and write newspaper reports pertaining to the same point in history. Children will be looking at the Anglo-Saxon alphabet and devise written reports.





We will be continuing our work on fractions, measurement, ratio and proportion. Children will be using a number of concrete (apparatus) to support their methods and reasoning when problem solving. They will be developing their skills and consolidating the knowledge they have ascertained throughout the year. 




This term, we will be focusing on the use of food chains and then moving onto studying microorganisms. The children will be working scientifically and developing their skills in presenting their data as graphs and charts.



We will be researching Anglo-Saxons and creating an animated filmstrip depicting the children’s very own legend! We will be having a go at designing a tessellating pattern for our brooches.

Design & Technology


Children this term, will be designing, creating and evaluating their very own Anglo-Saxon brooch designs. They will be making bread and then finding out what happens when the bread is exposed to the air – leading into our science investigation.



Children will be learning about the origins of Christianity and look at the role that Britain has had in spreading Christian values across the world.




We will be looking at the Anglo-Saxons and identifying who they were and where they came from. We will look at how they influence our life today. They will identify how the Anglo-Saxons brought law and order to Britain. Children will have opportunities for distinctive research on famous Anglo-Saxons and most importantly, why Alfred was so Great!




This term, the children will be continuing with their sports coach on Tuesday afternoons and looking at the skills needed for athletic games. They will also be working on the outside gym in small bursts throughout the week.




Children will be studying the different types of art from the era and create their own design and then use the weaving technique. They will also try their hand at Lucet (making chords) just like the Anglo Saxons did to hold their clothes in place.



This term, the children are learning how perform an ensemble. The children will be creating a class orchestra with the support of our music teacher Mrs Ellis.