Home or Away?

Class 3

As writers we will:

Investigate the work of Robin Jarvis

Learn how to write our own ghost stories

Learn how to create a travel guide

Design a tourist leaflet for Whitby

As Geographers we will learn how to:

Describe and understand key aspect of the physical geography of Whitby and the surrounding area and compare this with Lincolnshire and the wider world.

As scientists we will learn how to:

Investigate what happens during puberty.

Investigate how and why fossils are made.

Learn how to use a science key to identify animals and plants

As talkers we;

Will be prepared to discuss and debate issues and listen to the opinions of others

As Mathematicians we will:


Continue to develop our knowledge of the 4 rules of number.

Continue to develop our ability to answer multi-step problems involving all areas of the maths curriculum.

Develop our understanding of algebra and inverse operations


As artists we will:

Investigate seascapes by JMW Turner

Create a piece of art to represent Lincolnshire


As readers we will:

Continue to learn how to refer to the text to support our opinions and predictions.

Continue to develop our skimming, scanning and close reading skills.


As thinkers we will:

Use a range of techniques to gather, process and evaluate information. Recognise risks that may be involved when attempting work. Appreciate how learning can happen from making mistakes.


As citizens we will:

 Investigate the British value of democracy.

Investigate how parliament works and how their decisions impact upon our lives.

Consider how our behaviour and actions impact upon others.

Learn about the work of the RNLI

Prepare for transition to Y6 and Secondary school.