Wet, Wild and Windy!

As writers we will :

Learn how to write reports in an informative style.

Write weather poems to include personification.

Write a script for a weather forecast.

Use the texts 25 minutes 5 degrees and A Cloudy Lesson as an inspiration for our own writing.

Develop our grammar skills to improve the structure of sentences in our own writing.

Understand and use the spelling rules taught in lessons.

As Geographers we will learn how to:

Investigate the impact of extreme weather in different countries and how this links to the water cycle.

Identify how cloud types can be used to forecast the weather.

Explain why there are particular types of climate.

Locate places using atlases and maps.

Describe what places are like in terms of weather conditions.

As scientists we will learn how to:

Make and test predictions

Plan a fair test       Investigate insulating materials

Repeat observations and measurements.

Draw conclusions from our results.

As Mathematicians we will:

Continue to learn how to use and apply our problem solving skills in different contexts.

Continue to develop our knowledge of the 4 rules of number, in particular multiplication and division.

Create appropriate charts and graphs from the information based on world weather.

Develop our knowledge of algebra and geometry.

As citizens we will:

Look at the impact of extreme weather on our population: drought, flood, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruptions.

Investigate beliefs and practices of Hindus.

Continue to develop our financial capability skills.

In ICT we will:

Research how each cloud type is created to create a fact file.

Investigate what causes different types of weather & how cloud formations can show this. Produce a simple database.

Investigate the impact of extreme weathers on people and places.

As artists we will:

Investigate how artists portray the weather in art.

As readers we will:

Learn how to refer to the text to support our opinions and predictions.

Develop our skimming, scanning and close reading skills.

Use SATs style texts to develop our comprehension skills.

As talkers we;

Will be prepared to discuss and debate issues and listen to the opinions of others.


Learn vocabulary associated with the weather.