Around the World in 80 Days

As writers we will :


Use the work of Jules Verne, Shaun Tan, David Weisner and William Blake as imspiration for our own writing.

Learn how to write in a persuasive style.

Write an informative genre in a variety of ways.

As talkers we;

Will be prepared to discuss and debate issues and listen to the opinions of others.

As Geographers we will learn how to:

Locate places in the world using maps and atlases.

Create our own map including using a key

Describe and understand the key aspects of the physical and human geography of the countries we visit.

Investigate the impact of weather and climate in different countries.

As scientists we will learn how to:


Investigate how and why some animals become endangered.

Investigate the science behind the weather.

Investigate how materials are ‘fit for purpose’ when used for clothing or buildings

As thinkers we will:

Use a range of techniques to gather, process and evaluate information.

Recognise risks that may be involved when attempting work.

Appreciate how learning can happen from making mistakes

As Mathematicians we will:


Learn how to use and apply our problem solving skills in different contexts.

Investigate time zones around the world.

Learn how to use conversion graphs to calculate exchange rates for different countries.

Investigate the number systems of the countries we visit.

Develop our knowledge of the 4 rules of number.

As citizens we will:


Investigate how people new to a country would feel when they first arrive.

Consider the historical aspect of convict settlements and how they influenced future developments within the country.

Consider how our behaviour and actions impact upon others.

As artists we will:

Investigate the work of Ted Harrison, Henri Rousseau and Lev Kaplan.

Learn how to use different techniques when sketching to give depth, shade and tone to our work.

As readers we will:


Learn how to refer to the text to support our opinions and predictions.

Develop our skimming, scanning and close reading skills.