Information for Parents

Class 3


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)





Children will learn about;





In literacy, we are focusing on ‘Fair Trade’ and looking at how the different processes work within the agricultural sector. They will be writing an explanation text and creating their own scripts for a news show. Throughout the term, children will be making improvements to their handwriting with a particular focus on spellings.





We will be continuing our work on fractions looking at number working with multi-step problems. They will be continuing with their ‘Apprentice’ task where they will be investigating prices, looking at the air miles that our food has to travel before landing on the shelves in the supermarkets. Statistics work on calories, fat, sugar content – comparing Fair Trade products with non- Fair Trade products.




This term, we will be focusing on Interdependence and adaptation. We will be identifying the different species that live in South America and studying the climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts.



We will be researching the different aspects of Fair Trade using reliable websites. Producing spreadsheets, logo designs, charts and graphs showing the data collected.


Design & Technology


Apprentice – children will produce their very own Fair Trade product in preparation for the Fair Trade event. They will manufacture their product and promote their company through packaging and design.



Being Human Christianity

The children will be finding out about the different Christian charities that are used globally and how these support the different people in their communities.




This term, they will be identifying the countries that produce our Fair Trade products and learn about the different climates needed for the crops to be sustainable and looking at the different vegetation belts.




This term, the children will be continuing with their sports coach on Tuesday afternoon and looking at the skills needed for invasion games. They will also be working on the outside gym in small bursts throughout the week.




Children will be studying the famous rainforest artist ‘Henri Rousseau’. We will create our own painting depicting the technique of this particular artist.   



This term, the children are learning how to play chords and tunes on  Ukuleles. We will compose our own piece of music and song about our own topic ‘Fair Trade’.