Year 4



Term: Autumn1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2

Class 2 - Welcome to the New Year, Paddington and The Incas!


Children will learn about:


In Literacy this term we are going to be using the Paddington books and videos to develop our skills. Paddington was born in Peru which links perfectly with our topic. It will allow us to write information texts, postcards and letters and explore different ways of presenting our work. We will be using visual literacy and making comparisons with the written version. We will also be continuing to develop our spelling, punctuation and grammar knowledge


This term the children will be using and applying their maths knowledge to extend their understanding and mastery of maths through: fractions and decimals, and using this information in addition and subtraction problems. They will be working systematically and continue to learn to tell the time and know durations of events. They will be using their times tables to 12 and beyond, and the corresponding divisions, so please encourage your child to practice their times tables as this will make a lot of the maths work we do much easier.


In science we will be linking with our topic work and looking at sound and investigating vibration, pitch and soundproofing. This will also link to music and instruments


In ICT this term Class 2 are going to be looking coding and communication. We will continue to use the i-pads and use ICT for research.

Design and Technology/Art

Connected to our Topic the children will be designing and making glove puppets based around our literacy character. They will also be looking at Inca patterns and designs.


In PSHE we will be looking at team work, working together and supporting each other. We will link this with our RE work.

In Re the children will look at creation stories from the various religions, looking at similarities and differences.


The children will be continuing to develop their games skills and ball skills and team work.


We will be using instruments to explore pitch and vibration – connecting with our Science.


In History the children will be looking at the Incas; their rise and fall.


To link with our science and Topic we will be looking at the human and physical geography of South America.