Year 4



Term: Autumn1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2

Class 2 – Topic – Stone Age to Iron Age


Children will learn about:


In English this term we will be writing a narrative from the viewpoint of a historical character. We will also be using our non-fiction skills to write a report from Skara Brae. Spellings, punctuation and Grammar continue to be an important aspect of our work.


In maths we will be exploring multiplication and patterns within it. We will also be looking at ways to recall multiplication facts more easily. We will then transfer these skills to use in expanded short multiplication and the grid method.  We will be throwing during our PE lessons and measuring distance to plot these results on a graph linking with data handling.


In Science we will be looking at fossils and using this opportunity to cross link with our topic to see how archaeologists and palaeontologists interpreted their discoveries. 


This term, class 2 will use the computers to research and present information about the topic. We will also use the i-pads and computers to help us with our maths work.

Design and Technology/Art

In art, we will be looking at cave paintings and how they were made. While in DT we will be making models of Skara Brae using clay.


In PSHE we will look at different ways to keep safe, inside and outside our homes. In RE, we will look at the Easter story and discuss its importance to Christians.


In PE the children will continue to work with Tim, developing and using new skills. While with me, they will be throwing balls and foam javelins accurately and safely and measuring the distance travelled.


We will be continuing our work with Mrs Ellis the music specialist. I would also like us to explore different materials that could be used to make sounds and explore stone age musical instruments.


Class 2 will step back in time to explore Skara Brae, find out about hunter gatherers and early farming. We will look at evidence from artefacts and cave paintings to track the journey from the stone age to the iron age.


In geography we will find Skara Brae on the map and study the human and physical features of the site. Why is it so important?