Year 4


Term: Autumn1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2

Class 2 – Topic – DO YOU WISH YOU WERE HERE?


Children will learn about:


The Mystery of the Mona Lisa will be our focus book during English this term. As part of our topic we will be writing persuasive texts, non-chronological travel reports and postcards. We will also be continuing our Spelling, punctuation and Grammar work as well as The Big Read.


In maths we will linking time and measure to our topic work. Looking at travel times and distances to destinations, weighing and measuring food plus times tables, place value, addition and subtraction.


How would we survive without water? We will be looking at states of matter and comparing solids, liquids and gases whilst seeing how these are affected by temperature.


In computing this term Class 2 are going to research different Mediterranean cities, countries and foods. We will look at how we can present these on Word documents in different ways.

Design and Technology/Art

In art, we will be looking at famous artists from the Mediterranean and painting in the style of Monet. To experience the Mediterranean we will be food tasting. We will also investigate stable structures and make 3D postcards.


In RE we will look at the work of Charities World Wide and study Pilgrimages, including Christianity. So all of the children know the expectations of being in class 2, we will look at class rules and responsibilities, whilst thinking about New Beginnings.


Class 2 will be swimming this term, whilst continuing our sports skills with Chris.


We will be continuing our work with Mrs Ellis the music specialist and listening to and appraising the work of famous European musicians.


Class 2 will be learning about periods in history that had an impact on Britain and Europe – including music and holidays.