Year 4



Term: Autumn1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2

Class 2 – Topic – Why were Norman Castles not bouncy?


Children will learn about:


While Spellings, punctuation and Grammar continue to be an important aspect of our work, in English this term we will be writing formal and informal letters from a soldier at the Battle of Hastings. We will also be using our non-fiction skills to write newspaper reports. Our fictional focus will be to write another chapter to a story.


In maths we will be exploring measures including length and time. We will also be measuring area and perimeter and linking it to our topic. We will continue to practise and recall our times tables and look at the relationship between these and fractions.


In Biology we will be looking at plants, functions of the different parts, what plants need to flourish and the journey of water through a plant.

We will also look at the lifecycle of plants and the different methods of seed dispersal. 


This term, class 2 will use the computers to research and present information about the topic. We will also use the i-pads and computers to help us with our literacy and stop start animation.

Design and Technology/Art

In art, we will be using pastels to produce a picture working from light to dark and build up layers of colour. While in DT, we will be making bookmarks using tapestry equipment and stitches.


In PSHE we will look at decision making and dares. Plus, we will be considering whether everything we see in the media is true? In RE, we will look at life journeys in the Hindu religion.


In PE the children will continue to work with Tim, developing and using new skills. While with me, they will be using orienteering skills to complete challenges.


We will be continuing our work with Mrs Ellis the music specialist, the children will be learning to play the Ukulele with her.


Class 2 will step back in time to look at the historical changes in Britain, know what caused them and the impact on life in Britain. They will become aware that the same time in history may be presented in different ways and know that the past can be divided into different periods.


In geography we will make comparisons between Hastings in the UK and Normandy in France. Where are they located in their respective countries? Are the climate and the human and physical features the same?