Year 4


Term: Autumn1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2
Class 2 – Topic – Who were the heroes of Troy?
Subject Children will learn about:
Literacy During English this term we will be looking at the story of King Midas and comparing it with a modern update and writing our own versions. There will be an opportunity for us to debate the Elgin marbles. We will also be looking at the Olympics and writing newspaper reports.

Mathematics In maths we will be looking at time, taking readings, shape and symmetry linked to topic work and measurements linked with science, continuing our work on fractions while further developing our fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. Times tables will continue to be a high priority and its links with other areas of the maths curriculum.

Science In science we will be investigating magnets – how they attract and repel materials, the strength of magnets and using our maths measuring skills to investigate this. As we are studying Ancient Greece, we will be looking at the work of Archimedes and his contributions to science.

Computing In computing this term, Class 2 will look at how we can present information on different documents. We will continue to use search engines to research the topic and look at programing.

Design and Technology/Art In art, we will be looking at Greek vase paintings, colour mixing to make the terracotta background. We will then recount a story with our designs. We will also design and make our own theatre masks. In DT we will use clay to make our own Greek coins.

RE/PSHE In RE we will continue look at the work of Charities and Pilgrimages and of course look at the Christmas story. In our study of British values, we will look at rule of law and democracy and the part that the Ancient Greeks had in creating it. We will also be looking at how our actions affect others

PE Class 2 will be swimming for the first part of the term and continuing our sports skills to encourage healthy lifestyles through athletics, with Chris.

Music We will be continuing our work with Mrs Ellis the music specialist. We will learn new songs and perform as part of a small group.

History Class 2 will be carrying out a study of Greek life and looking at their achievements and influences that are still relevant today. This will cross over with British values and democracy.

Geography In geography we will look at where Greece is in relation to the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. We will look at its climate and study the physical and human geographical features of the country – seeing how visitors to Greece today would be reminded of the Ancient Greeks.