Year 4


Term: Autumn1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2

Class 2 – Topic – Wonderful World - Rainforests


Children will learn about:


In literacy this term we will be writing reports, balanced arguments and letters in connection with the Rainforest and its conservation. We will continue to improve sentences by sequencing information in a logical style and link ideas to related events. We will also be looking at fact, fiction and opinion and offering reasons and evidence for our views; whilst considering alternative opinions.


In maths we will be continuing to look at fractions and decimals and solving one and two step problems. We will be looking at different types of shapes and translating them; as well as finding lines of symmetry, perimeter and area. Recognising and using factor pairs and converting measures. We will also be using timetables to solve problems.


In science we will be studying food chains and food webs. We will also look at the needs of plants for life and growth and life cycles.   We will group and classify living things according to different criteria and present this information in different ways.


In computing this term Class 2 are going to be using simulations to see the effect of changing environments and the dangers this may pose to some living things. We will of course continue to use the internet selectively to research our topic.

Design and Technology/Art

We will be making printing blocks and studying the work of Henri Rousseau to produce our own 3d layered pictures of the Rainforest.


In RE we will look at different Creation stories and make comparisons.

Whilst in PSHE we will be linking this closely with Geography and History looking at conservation and our responsibilities in the wider world.


Class 2 will be beginning athletics this term; and Orienteering; learning new and improving on skills already taught; whilst continuing our sports skills with Chris.


We will be continuing our work with Mrs Ellis the music specialist and exploring new instruments.

We will also be recreating the sounds of the Rainforest.


Class 2 will be learning about the changing landscape due to the destruction of the rainforests and linking this with Geography and PSHE to consider the effects on the climate and what is being done through conservation.


As we locate the equator and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn on a World map we will begin to see the proximity of these to the Rainforests. We will identify and interpret relief maps and look at the difference between weather and climate!