Year 3


Term: Autumn1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2

Class 2

We have very many famous people in history, who were born in Lincolnshire. This term we will be looking at the life and work of Sir Isaac Newton and how it all began near Grantham.


Children will learn about:


Our literacy this term will be closely linked to Isaac Newton. We will research Isaac and write his biography but present the information in our own chosen format. We will write instructions about how to make a sundial. Write chronological and non-chronological reports and use skills learned throughout the year to write and evaluate our own and others’ work.


In maths we will estimate and calculate measures using length and weight. We will be rounding decimals to whole numbers and whole numbers to the nearest 10/100. We will also be looking at angles and Roman Numerals in connection with making sundials.   Keep practising those times tables!


In science we will be looking at the work of Sir Isaac Newton by revisiting forces and gravity. We will look at light and dark, shadows, transparency and reflection.


In ICT this term Class 2 are going to be collecting and presenting data on shadow length throughout the day, researching and presenting information about the life and work of Isaac Newton and using Purple mash for coding activities associated with Newton’s work on gravity.

Design and Technology/Art

In DT we will be using cams to make moving objects toys associated with Newton’s Gravity work.   In art we will be colour mixing, using shadowing in our writing and sending secret messages using mirror writing.


In RE we continue to look at the different world religions, share opinion and take part in discussions about similarities and differences. We will also be looking at symbols in religion.     Using our science work on reflection, we will look at keeping safe and considering when it is necessary to share secrets with others so we do not put ourselves in danger.


Class 2 will be developing flexibility and control in athletics using running, jumping and throwing. We will also be playing competitive games and learning the rules of rounder’s.


We will be listening and singing with attention to detail. We will continue to use voice and instruments with increasing accuracy.


We have all heard of Sir Isaac Newton, but apart from his famous ‘apple’ incident that lead to the discovery of gravity, what else do we know about this famous local man?


We will carry out a study of Grantham in Lincolnshire and find out where exactly it is and use OS maps to locate places and, follow routes and consider tourism, local services and travel links.


Project: We are looking at the life and work of Sir Isaac Newton this term. Other famous people from the world of Literature, Sport and Politics have been born in Lincolnshire. Choose one famous person who you admire or aspire to be like and write about them. State who they are, what they are famous for and their achievements. Be as creative as possible in how you present the information. It could be in the form of a booklet or a power point presentation or another form you feel best reflects your famous person. Include photographs, pictures, and data and also say why you admire this person.