Year 3


Term: Autumn1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2

Class 2 – Topic – EXTREME EARTH


Children will learn about:


In literacy this term we will be journeying to the centre of the earth with Jules Verne’s classic story. From this we will be writing adventure stories, letters, play scripts and in a cross curricular link with computing, safety leaflets.


In maths we will continue to look at fractions and decimals, revisit time and measurement and carry on with our work on word problems and formal written methods for calculations. Year 4s will convert between different units of measure while the Year 3s will measure and calculate perimeter.


In science we will be looking at forces. These will include contact and non-contact forces. We will use different surfaces to investigate their effects on magnetic and non-magnetic objects. We will also look at the chemical reaction between acids and alkalis when we make an erupting volcano.


In computing this term Class 2 are going to be producing safety leaflets relating to one of the extreme earth reactions and disasters. We will use our research skills to enhance our knowledge of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Design and Technology/Art

We will be making erupting volcanoes, designing and making pizzas and looking at and reproducing the work of Margaret Godfrey.


In RE we will look at bible stories including Noah’s Ark and compare similar stories from other religions. Whilst in PSHE we will be showing empathy towards people affected by extreme earth disasters.


Class 2 will be continuing athletics this term leading up to sports day, learning new and improving on skills already taught, whilst continuing our sports skills with Chris.


We will be continuing our work with Mrs Ellis the music specialist and exploring new instruments and learning new songs and warm ups.