Year 3



Term: Autumn1, Autumn 2, Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer 1, Summer 2

Class 2

Climb the rigging, sit in the crow’s nest and sail the Seven Seas with us, as we take the helm and join the Pirates in an amazing adventure.


Children will learn about:


Our visual literacy will use – So You Want to be a Pirate ( from Pirates in an adventure with scientists) to develop new literacy skills. We will write diary entries as we enrol in Pirate school and find out about personification and use performance poetry to improve our writing.


Go around the world with our times tables, walk the plank in our mental/oral starters and find out why Pirate captains needed to know about weight, capacity and symmetry on their long journeys. Find out how fractions stopped them getting fractious and time and tide wait for no man!


In science we will be linking with our topic work and looking at different forces and floating and sinking. We will also start to look at the requirements for growing plants (to avoid scurvy!)


In ICT this term Class 2 are going to be looking at coding and communication, and why the flags that the ships displayed were a code in their day!

Design and Technology/Art

In art we will be studying the work of Henri Matisse and one of his final works ‘Beasts of the Sea’. The painting was made using cut-out method and is particularly interesting because it is in two halves. It makes use of geometrical shapes to depict or symbolize certain aspects of the sea.

In DT we will be using printing methods.


In RE we continue to look at the different world religions.

In PSHE we will be finding out about the importance of keeping healthy and clean.


Class 2 will be using apparatus to imitate being aboard ship and learning how to keep safe.


We will be learning and singing sea shanties and finding out how these raised morale and help keep time while the pirates worked.


When, Where and Why did people become pirates? Were there any famous pirates?


What are the seven seas and where in the world can we find them? Why were mapping skills important to sailors and how did they find their way around the world?