Year 2

Information for Parents

Class 1

Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)


Class 1   Robin Hood



Children will learn about;




The children will be reading and retelling the story of Robin Hood and comparing different versions. We shall be making wanted posters, and writing some poems about Robin Hood. The children would also like to act out the story of Robin Hood through drama activities.




The children will be making pictograms and block graphs and learning to interpret the data they collect. The children will also be measuring and investigating shapes. We shall be adding up our scores from our target practise.




We shall be learning about Pushes and Pulls. The children will be experimenting with the length of elastic bands and the distances, when stretched, a ball will travel. We shall also be exploring different uses for materials.




The children will be using the ipads to create some imotion short films using Robin Hood figures and the castle. The children will have the opportunity to develop their programming skills through an arrow shooting program.

Design & Technology/Art

The children would like to make some bows, arrows and quivers. We shall also be making some medieval gingerbread. The children will also be making Robin Hood hats.




In RE we will be looking at Jewish celebrations and comparing them to celebrations in our own lives, in particularly the festival Tu B’shevat.

In PSHE we will be looking at what makes us a good citizen and how we can help our community. We shall also be learning about bullying.




We will be visiting Sherwood forest, so the children have the opportunity to compare the forest landscape to their local environment. We shall also be looking at medieval lifestyles and clothes, represented in the story of Robin Hood.



The children will continue working on ball skills and then we will be playing lots of games which will encourage the children to begin to use tactics.




The children have asked to sing some campfire songs. We shall also be appraising some medieval music and making our own medieval style instruments.