Year 2

Information for Parents

Class 1

Term: Autumn (1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)   

Jurassic Forest



Children will learn about;




The good dinosaur will be the focus for our visual literacy stimulus this half term. We shall be creating fact files about different dinosaurs and using headings in our non fiction writing. We will also be learning about homophones and near homophones.




The children will be using positional language to describe the movements of our dinosaurs. We will be identifying turns and right angles.

The children will be consolidating their knowledge of time, progressing in year 2 to tell and write the time to 5 minutes.




We shall be building on our knowledge of plants to focus on trees and the different types. We shall also be conducting experiments to find out what plants need to grow. We shall also be sorting dinosaurs by what they eat.




The children will be programming the beebots to move around their own Jurassic maps. The children will be using the internet to research dinosaurs and create pictures of dinosaurs. The children will be able to apply their coding skills to move a dinosaur.

Design & Technology/Art


The children will be exploring printing by making their own dinosaur foot prints and producing their own leaf rubbings. We shall also be using clay to make dinosaur sculptures and using card to create moving dinosaur pictures.




In PSHE, the children will be exploring feelings and right and wrong behaviours linked to “The Good Dinosaur.”

We shall be learning about different creation beliefs around the world and comparing it to scientific views surrounding the creation.




We shall be locating places where dinosaurs have been found and comparing natural features to man-made features. We will be exploring how caves were used as homes and how life was different in the past.




In PE we shall be participating in team games and exploring tactics. We shall also be developing our aiming and throwing skills. We shall be using our spacial awareness to negotiate obstacles so we can escape the dinosaurs.




We will be listening and responding the carnival of the animals. We will explore how the instruments are used to portray the dinosaurs. The children will also be investigating how to change sounds on instruments including making loud and quiet and high and low sounds.