Year 1


Information for Parents

Class 1

Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)


    World Kitchen.



Children will learn about;




We will be writing our own explanation texts based on food. The children will be writing their own recipes and also following recipes to create some interesting dishes! We will also be writing some food poems. We will be using “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” as our visual literacy stimulus this half term.




The children will be making pictograms and block graphs and learning to interpret the data they collect. The children will also be measuring and investigating shapes. We will be creating our own food shop/ cafe, so we can use our money skills. We shall also be looking at patterns in the garden and natural symmetry.




We shall be learning about plants, how they grow and what they need to survive. The children will be learning about where their food comes from. They will also be growing cress.




The children will be creating menus, making a presentation about healthy foods and using the computers to create graphs about our favourite foods. The children will be using the ipads and cameras to record the stages of growth of plants.

Design & Technology/Art


Each child will have the opportunity to design and create their own pizza slice. We shall also evaluate our creations.

Van Gogh’s sunflowers will provide the children with ideas for creating their own sunflower pictures. We shall also be using vegetables to create vegetable dyes to dye fabrics.




In RE the children will be learning about the Jewish festival of Pesach and the Christian celebration of Easter. We shall be looking at the symbolism of new life through the Easter story.

In PSHE We will be discussing sharing and investigating wrong and right choices.




In history, the children will be learning about the Great Fire of London, focussing on the bread making aspect. In geography we will be learning about where our food comes from, particularly England, Italy and China.




We shall be developing the skills we have already gained to travel safely over and under, round and through the large apparatus in gym. We shall be developing sequences of movements and balances on the apparatus and on the floor.




We will be singing lots of food songs. We will make shakers using dried foods to help us keep rhythm. We will also be using our knowledge of pitch to create a composition for a short piece of music to accompany a clip of a seed growing into a plant. The children will explore making sounds with their voices and bodies to accompany garden songs.