Year 1

Information for Parents


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)



Children will learn about;




The children will be reading a simple version of Around the World in Eighty Days. We shall also be creating our own passports, writing postcards, packing lists, writing instructions and taking part in role play activities based around travel. For our visual literacy focus we will be using the cartoon version of Around the World in Eighty Days as our stimulus.




We shall be consolidating our measuring skills. We will be weighing and measuring in a variety of different ways. We shall also be solving some data handling problems using different animals and investigating symmetry.




In Science the children will be exploring different habitats and food chains. We shall also be looking at the different classifications of animals. The children will be learning about the different seasons and how these occur at different times around the world.




We shall be using coding programs to travel to different locations. We shall also be programming the beebots to move around maps. The children will have the opportunity to use the computers to create their own pictures of landmarks.

Design & Technology/Art


In DT we will be attempting to make the Eifel Tower using junk boxes to develop our joining skills.

In Art we will be looking at the works of Monet. We shall also be exploring painting with cotton buds for our aboriginal art work.




In RE the children will be exploring symbols and the festival of Diwali. We will be learning about belonging to a community, family and school and we will explore accepting the differences between us and things which make us special.

In PSHE the children will be exploring different ways to stay safe when travelling.




In history, the children will be learning how Phileas Fogg travelled and how it would be different today. We will be looking at the clothing worn in the past. In geography, the children will be developing their geographical vocabulary by looking at coastal features, taking part in map work and exploring routes/coordinates. They will also be naming the seas around the UK and the names of the different oceans.




This half terms focus is on dance. We will be exploring different dancing styles from different cultures. The children will be creating and linking different movements for music experienced in the different countries we visit on our travels.




We shall be singing travelling songs and   appraising a variety of different music including that by steel bands and operas.