Year 1

Information for Parents


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What materials should the three little pigs have used to make their houses?


Children will learn about;




The children will be reading alternative versions of “The Three Little Pigs.” Then they will be writing their own versions. We will focus more heavily on spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. We aim to segment the week into the skill areas whilst trying to remain as creative as possible! We shall also be using new special lined books to encourage the children to form their letters correctly.




In mathematics the children will be ordering numbers and developing their understanding of place value. They will be applying their knowledge of subtraction, addition, multiplication and division to solve simple problems. The children will be learning simple fractions using both shapes and numbers.




The children will be investigating materials and their properties and explain why different materials are chosen for different purposes. They will be learning about different materials and their properties. We will also be learning about different animals, their habitats and why they are suited to their environments.




In ICT the children will be creating maps of Waddingham, then they will be programming the beebots to move around the maps avoiding the structures! The children will also be using their mouse skills to create house pictures.

Design & Technology/Art


In DT the children will be learning about the foods produced in the local environment, We shall be cooking local produce and tasting them. The children will also have the opportunity to make junk box houses and we hope to have time to make a simple circuit to light a bulb.

In art we shall be looking at the patterns on houses and recreating them in different ways. The children will also be developing their fine motor skills by using pens, pencils and charcoal to draw a house. We will be learning how to make thick, thin, light and dark lines to add detail.




In RE we will be learning about the local harvest and how this is celebrated in Christianity. We shall also be exploring the bible stories of Noah and the “House on the Rock.”

In PSHE we will be linking our knowledge of local produce to develop our understanding of the different food groups and how they affect our diet. We shall also be learning about road safety and why it is important to know our addresses, but also how to keep our personal details safe.





In History we will be looking at houses and Waddingham in the past and comparing it to life today, using a variety of sources.

In Geography we will be looking at local features and comparing localities. The children will also be naming and labelling capital cities in the UK.




In PE the children will continue to have Chris on a Tuesday, who will coach them in a variety of skills. In our remaining PE lesson the children will be focussing on dance. They will be learning how to sequence movements to music.




In music the children will be exploring their voices and how to change the sounds they make. We shall do this by learning songs and rhymes, including “The House That Jack Built.” The children will also be listening to and appraising pop songs such as Madness’s Our House and Shakin Stevens’ This Old House! We shall use these songs to develop our knowledge of rhythm and beat.