Year 1


Information for Parents


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)


Class 1   Topic – Hero Hunting.



Children will learn about;




We will be exploring this theme by using Big Hero 6 as a visual literacy stimulus. We shall be writing character descriptions and stories about our heroes. We shall also be reading different stories containing a variety of heroes.




We shall be developing our super solving problem skills. We shall be applying our knowledge of all the different operations to find answers. We shall also be continuing to extend our knowledge of anti clockwise, quarter and half turns.






The children will be learning about pushes and pulls. They will be investigating household objects and how they move. The children will also be experimenting with hero vehicles, friction and ramps. We shall be using magnets to support our hero powers and developing our super hero senses.




We shall be making i-motions using the toys and creating our own hero animations. We will be learning about how technology helps to keep us safe and how to use the internet safely.

Design & Technology/Art


Calling all super hero gadget makers. I feel a challenge coming on! We shall also be exploring circuits to light a bulb. We will be designing costumes and mixing colours.




We will be learning about heroes in different religious stories from around the world. We will be looking at what makes us all heroes and the differences between a secret and a surprise.




We shall be identifying physical and human features and how these are dangerous for our everyday heroes. We shall be learning about some historic heroes such as Florence Nightingale and exploring how our emergency services have changed over time.




We shall be developing our gymnastic skills. We shall be travelling like heroes over, under and through the apparatus.




We will be using our super science senses to create a variety of sounds whilst exploring pitch. We will be creating simple siren rhythms and listening to super hero theme tunes.