Information for Parents for Reception


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)

At the Seaside




Children will learn about;

Literacy, Communication and Language.


The children will be listening to a range of seaside based stories. We will be guessing what will happen next in a story and answering questions about the stories we have read. We will be reading Tiddler and Commotion in the Ocean, to reinforce our knowledge of rhyming words. We will continue to write sentences by sounding out the words as we write.




The children will be comparing the capacity of different buckets within their sand and water play this half term. We will also be comparing and ordering weight. We will be using coins during our role play in the class beach shop.

Understanding of the World


We will be identifying animals living in a sea side habitat and comparing the seaside to Waddingham. The children will investigate floating and sinking in the water tray. We will be looking at similarities and differences between ourselves and the different holiday activities we like to take part in. The children will also think about how we use technology to record our holiday experiences.

Expressive arts and designs.

The children will be singing and dancing to a range of seaside songs. They will be creating their own seaside music and exploring colour mixing to make seaside scenes. We will be role playing shop keepers and customers in our beach store.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development,


We will be thinking about the different rules we follow at home and at school. We will be exploring how to work as a team to achieve an end goal. The children will be talking about feelings and how they can make others feel in different situations.

Physical Development



This half term we will be focussing on small motor movements, especially linked to letter formation. We will also be using our cutting skills to make fruit smoothies and sandwiches. We will be talking about different ways to keep healthy and how to stay safe on the beach.