Information for Parents for Reception


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Hero Hunting  


Children will learn about;

Literacy, Communication and Language.



We will be exploring this theme of Hero Hunting by using Big Hero 6 as a visual literacy stimulus. We shall be composing our own sentences about the characters and using our phonics to help us sound out the words. We shall be talking what we liked about the film. We shall also be reading different stories containing a variety of heroes. We will continue to develop our reading skills by sounding out simple words.




The children will be consolidating their knowledge of shape and measures. We will be using the terms 2D and 3D shapes, we shall the sorting and naming shapes. We shall be using our super measuring powers to measure and compare lengths. We shall also be undertaking some problem solving challenges.

Understanding of the World


We will be exploring how toys move. The children will be using ramps and investigating how far we can get vehicles to travel.

The children will be listening to stories about heroes in other cultures and stories about heroes in the Bible.

We will be investigating the ways technology helps to keep us safe.

Expressive arts and designs.

Super heroes to the rescue! The children will be dressing up, solving problems as super heroes, making masks, gadgets and costumes.... generally saving the day!

The children will be listening to super hero theme tunes, moving appropriately to this music and attempting to compose their own hero tunes.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development,


We will be developing opportunities for the children to solve differences within play independently, this will include sharing and promoting the use of timers for the most popular play equipment. We will be looking at the values and strengths of super heroes, how we can be heroes, our strengths and what we would like to get better at.

Physical Development



The children will continue to develop their fine motor skills to form letters, focussing on anti clockwise movements for a,o,c,d,g.

We will be using our climbing, balancing and throwing skills to complete hero challenges as well as looking at the healthy diets we need to be super heroes.