Information for Parents for Reception

Term: Autumn(1),Autumn(2),Spring(1),Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)


New Life 



Children will learn about;

Literacy, Communication and Language.


The children will be reading stories using a growing theme. We will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk and sequencing pictures from the story. We will be adding simple captions to retell the story. The children will be exploring how we can find information out from books. We will be learning about what grows in the garden and the creatures that might live there.




The children will be consolidating their knowledge of numbers. We will be using language linked to addition and subtraction and begin to record our calculations in our own way. We will be working on forming numbers correctly and counting carefully.

Understanding of the World


The children will be exploring garden habitats. We will be going on a bug hunt and investigating what our garden visitors need to survive. We will be growing plants and doing some gardening. We will be using the ipads to photograph our findings.

We shall be looking at special things and the children will be using their senses to explore a range of artefacts from different religions.


Expressive arts and designs.

All creative skills will be called upon to create garden creatures. We will be singing traditional nursery rhymes and exploring sounds that we can hear in nature. We will be looking at patterns in nature and we will use the ipads to take pictures of the patterns we find.

We shall also be exploring different textures.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development,


We will be learning about how to look after the animals in our care and the wildlife around us. We will be exploring feelings and how we can help others. We shall continue to work on our friendship skills and discuss how our actions can sometimes hurt other people.

Physical  Development



The children will be encouraged to think about how to keep themselves safe by washing their hands and keeping themselves clean. We will be cooking and trying a variety of foods and promoting the benefits of eating a balanced diet.