Information for Parents for Reception


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)

Rockets and Explosions

Subject Children will learn about;
Literacy, Communication and Language.

The children will be developing their understanding skills by sequencing and exploring events in the story “Winnie in Space.”We will be encouraging the children to use their phonic knowledge to begin writing in their play. We shall continue our daily phonics activities and use these to develop their confidence in sounding out phonically regular words.

The children will be consolidating their knowledge of numbers to 20 and we will introduce the concept of estimating. The children will also be challenged to use their critical and creative thinking skills to complete measuring and weighing activities.
Understanding of the World
We will be exploring the idea of space. The children will be learning about astronauts in the past and looking at the differences between space travel in the past and present day astronauts.
The children will continue to develop their mouse skills by creating space pictures and activities to support skills in other areas the curriculum.
We will also be exploring how Christmas is celebrated in our homes and around the world.
Expressive arts and designs. The children will be able to explore the dark box in the role play area. They will be encouraged to use their imagination to undertake space explorations and make discoveries.
We will be singing Christmas themed songs and exploring a range of media to create decorations and cards.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development,
We will be developing opportunities for the children to play group games and develop their turn taking and listening skills. As the term goes on the children’s confidence to explain their ideas for self initiated projects will develop and staff will support and develop thinking processes and encourage the children to make changes confidently, if things don’t go to plan.
Physical Development

By using different malleable materials, the children will continue to strengthen the muscles in their fingers. This will increase your child’s control over their early letter formation. We shall also be exploring healthy eating and encouraging the children to understand the importance of eating a balanced diet. I wonder what astronauts eat?