Information for Parents for Reception


Term: Autumn(1), Autumn(2), Spring(1), Spring(2), Summer(1), Summer(2)


What materials should the three little pigs have used to make their houses?                




Children will learn about;

Literacy, Communication and Language.



The children will be reading a simple version of “The Three Little Pigs.” We shall also be writing lists of building materials in role play activities based around building houses. The children will be learning their first phonic sounds, starting with s,a,t,p,i,n. These first sounds will help them to sound out a lot of simple words for early reading and writing activities.




The children will be consolidating their knowledge of the numbers 1-5 then to 10 (some will move on to the teen numbers and beyond.) They will be working on touch counting and recognising their numbers and values. They will also be exploring the concept of adding by combining two sets of objects.

Understanding of the World


The children will be exploring different materials used for building, they will also be exploring the local environment and the wildlife that lives there .They will be sharing their own experiences within the home and discussing their families and likes and dislikes.

The children will be using the ipads and computers to support their number and phonic activities. The children will be encouraged to take photos of their own achievements to share with you and their friends.

We will be learning about the festival of Harvest and how it is celebrated.

Expressive arts and designs.

The children will have access to a variety of media and materials to create their own houses. They will be challenged to make houses out of junk boxes and use the kitchen area to act out situations within the home. These activities will encourage the children to use their imagination to create objects, images and sounds.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development,


The children will have the opportunity to talk about the things that they enjoyed over the holidays and listen to their friend’s experiences too. The children will be learning the class rules and learning different ways to manage their feelings. We shall be learning about table manners.

Physical Development



The children will be learning to move in time to music as our PE focus is dance this half term. They will be developing their gross motors skills by playing throwing and catching, jumping and climbing games, whilst also improving their fine motor skills by using their pincer grip to use pens, pens, play dough and tweezers.