Information for Parents for Reception


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               Jurassic Forest



Children will learn about;

Literacy, Communication and Language.



The Good Dinosaur will be the focus for our visual literacy stimulus this half term. The children will be writing sentences about the different dinosaurs to make their own books. We shall be introducing new words linked to the topic to encourage the children to develop their language and communication skills. We will also be reading “Dinosaurs Love Underpants” and creating a story of our own.




The children will be consolidating their knowledge of number to solve simple problems involving doubling, halving and sharing. We shall continue to explore estimating and capacity.

Understanding of the World


We shall be learning about life in the Jurassic era and how it was different to the children’s lives today. We will be learning about what dinosaurs ate and how plants, including trees grow. We will be reading the creation story and thinking about how the world was created.

Expressive arts and designs.

The children will be exploring printing by making their own dinosaur foot prints and producing their own leaf rubbings. We shall also be using clay to make dinosaur sculptures and using card to create moving dinosaur pictures. We shall also be listening to “The Carnival of Animals,” and creating our own dinosaur music and dinosaur stomp dances.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development,


The children will be thinking about good behaviour linked to “The Good Dinosaur.” We shall be thinking about the rules they follow at school and at home. We will be exploring consequences to our actions. The staff will continue to develop opportunities for the children to develop their self confidence to select resources independently and to take into account ideas of others in their play.

Physical Development



We will be developing our aiming and throwing skills. We shall be using our spacial awareness to negotiate obstacles so we can escape the dinosaurs. There will be opportunities to talk about why we need to exercise and eat a balanced diet to stay healthy. The children will continue to work on forming our letters correctly, particularly the letter family which begins as a c (c,a,o,d,q and g.)